My Policy Thrust

11. Government Relations

  • To establish a collaborative partnership with Government both at Federal, States and Local level so as to jointly work for the Good of the game as well as compliment Government efforts towards economic and social development, poverty eradication, etc., using football as a tool whilst protecting the integrity and credibility of the game at all times.

  • Prepare and present to Government a detailed document outlining the strategic importance of football industry to Economic and Social sectors as well as generation of goodwill with the view to obtaining the maximum support and cooperation of Government towards the NFF & its programs. Constantly update Government in this regard.

  • Establish and maintain a cordial relationship with the Federal Government Agency in charge of Sports and create a good working relationship to enable the agency effectively discharge its responsibilities as a Consultative Member of the FA and the Agency in charge of sports in Nigeria.

  • Carry all Stakeholders along in the conduct of the activities of the NFF.

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