My Policy Thrust

10. Sustainable Strategy and Policy Development

  • Appoint an all inclusive Special Committee (Policy Implementation and Monitoring Committee) of experts and football technocrats to work, monitor developments in the football world, and constantly advise the NFF Board/Secretariat on policy matters, strategic planning and implementation strategy for the development and growth of Nigerian Football.

  • Establishment of a National Football Council that will act as an advisory body for the development of football in Nigeria and provide an interface for all stakeholders to meet at least once year to discuss the situation of football in Nigeria and proffer solution and advice on way forward.

  • Secure definite partnership and agreement with world leading Football Federations aimed at Capacity Development, Expertise/Technology transfer and Exchange Program.

  • Be open and transparent in the conduct of all NFF activities so as to protect and promote the integrity and credibility of the game and earn the absolute confidence of all stakeholders and the general public and thus the required support to succeed in policy formulation and implementation.

  • Work to strike a true and sustainable partnership and cooperation with Government and its agencies at all levels to work hand in hand for the good of the game in line with the vision of FIFA but without compromising the sovereignty of Nigeria.

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