My Policy Thrust

7. Marketing and Business Development

  • Develop a leading edge Marketing and Commercial Strategy to ensure that maximum revenues are generated from all NFF Commercial Properties and Events (Competitions, National Teams, Broadcast and New Media, Hospitality, Website, Publications, Ticketing, Mobile Telephone, Lottery Opportunities etc). Establishment of NFF Marketing Limited to drive the process of marketing & managing of all NFF commercial properties.

  • Exploit the opportunity provided by TV to raise substantial revenues by professionally and transparently selling the Broadcast Rights to all NFF competition and events in line with international standards.

  • Review and enhance all existing NFF Commercial and Sponsorship Contracts to ensure that they are properly valued, conform to market standards and appropriate revenues are generated and the situation is a win-win to both parties – NFF and Sponsors.

  • Establishment of an aggressive and Nationwide Licensing and Merchandizing project involving the National Team replica shirts, NFF logos, imagery, etc

  • Establishment of a Football Foundation to generate and provide capital and revenue support to increase participation in grass roots football, capacity development, facilities development through grants and assistance programs etc.

  • Matching creativity with innovation to develop new business opportunities, platforms and windows for the NFF to maximize revenue generation.

  • Use all revenues generated to fund the activities of the NFF in accordance to the Statutes and the surpluses channel back into developing the game through assistance programs.

  • Develop an investment strategy to secure the financial independence and future of the NFF through the establishment of independent commercial subsidiaries to drive the process.

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