My Policy Thrust

6. Communication and Media

  • Set up a professional media communication strategy for the NFF in conjunction with our colleagues in the sporting media to ensure the effective promotion of football at all levels from international to grassroots as well as continuously promoting the work and positive values of the NFF to the outside world.

  • Set up a proper communication and media guidelines and tools for the NFF operations (media releases, website, publications, news letters/bulletins, new media etc) as well as guide all stakeholders on relations with the Media to ensure our football is always positively projected and never brought into disrepute at any time.

  • Use the power of the Media to promote the goodwill and credibility of the NFF and Nigerian Football in general so as to attract the required private sector investment and support to secure the financial future of our football at all levels.

  • Effectively use the Media to attract and sustain the required support and success of the NFF and the Nigeria National Teams.

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