My Policy Thrust

4. Football Development

  • Strengthening and enhancement of the Technical Division of the NFF to enable it deliver its services of Safeguarding the future of our football (from amateur football, women, youth development, professional football to the National Teams) as well as effective Governance (enforcement of rules and regulations both on and off the pitch).

  • Establishment of a National Football Development Strategy; that will ensure coordinated and defined participation at all levels and put in place the platform to allow players of all standards realize their potentials; from the Grass roots, Schools, Local Governments, States, Geopolitical zones to the National level.

  • Work in conjunction with the LMC and other Leagues to consistently strengthened and enhance the quality and credibility of our professional football so as to attract the required investment to guaranty its sustainable growth and development.

  • Institutionalize and enforce the Club Licensing Program that will regulate and specified minimum professional Clubs activities in Nigeria from Ownership, Administration and Governance, Facilities, Infrastructures, Financial, Sporting, supporters ownership of professional clubs etc. Introduction of Backward Integration Program to support the growth of the domestic league and constantly strengthen its appeal.

  • Development of professional training program and regulations to build the capacity, capability and expertise of the technical personnel involve with the game (coaches education, referees training, player development, medical training, promotional activities, publications etc).

  • Work consistently to ensure credible performance and success of Nigerian Teams participating in International Competitions at all levels (aim to constantly win major tournament)

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