My Policy Thrust

2. Football Administration

  • Re-structuring and empowering the NFF Secretariat through continuous training and capacity development programs as well as hiring the best/competent personnel available; deployment of the required technology and equipments to enable it efficiently perform its role as the administrative secretariat of the NFF and the implementation vehicle of the policy and decisions of the NFF Board.

  • Set out deliberate policy to encourage and support other football bodies and clubs to build their capabilities and competencies to fast track the professionalism of football governance and administration at all levels.

  • Seek technical partnership with other advanced football governing bodies to assist in the capacity development program of the NFF through transfer of expertise/technology and international best practices modules.

  • Enforcement of appropriate regulations and rules to ensure transparency, due process and strict compliance to financial regulations in the conduct of Football Administration and business at all levels; so as to earn the confidence of all stakeholders, partners, sponsors and investors etc.

  • Ensure the entrenchment of management principles and modules that will constantly strengthen the integrity and credibility of the game.

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