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My Mission, Vision and Values

My Mission for the NFF

  • To Lead and Govern the NFF with Integrity; promoting participation at all levels, standards, and financial well being of the game; the fostering of development at all levels; and the effective representation of the game at home and abroad.

My Vision for the NFF

To build a Professional and World Class Football Federation (NFF) in accordance to international best practice, that will effectively and efficiently perform its role as the Governing body of football in Nigeria, achieving among others the following:
  • To be seen by fans, players, managers, clubs, corporate bodies and the Government as the leading sports governing body in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.
  • To lead the development of a grassroots framework which will achieve the maximum levels of participation.
  • To achieve consistent long term success on the field (aim to win every major tournament) through player development at every level.
  • To be a leading-edge marketing organisation so as to generate enough revenues to guaranty the financial independence of the NFF and its sustainable development.
  • To provide leading–edge service levels internally and externally.
  • To use the power of football to consistently strengthen the Unity of Nigeria

My Values

  • Open and Transparent – clearly setting out the agenda.
  • Accountable - with clear targets and objectives.
  • Passionate - about football and its role.
  • Responsive - listening and taking action.
  • Challenging - always looking for a better way.
  • Inclusive - partnership with appropriate groups and stakeholders for the good of the game and respect for constituted authorities.

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